“I’m really not fit enough!”

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“Do I have to be fit to start?”,”I’ll get fit and then I’ll join” and “I think it’s a bit to tough for me, I’m not fit enough”!

I’ve trained and coached within the CrossFit community now for the last 4 years and seen some incredible results and great improvements to peoples health and fitness.  Did any of these people say one of the above phrases to me?  Yep, some of them did!!  Did they walk through the door and hit a 100kg snatch or string together 15 muscle ups or row a sub 7 minute 2KM.  The answer in NO – (Actually that did happen once but that’s a different story!!)  I imagine alot of them had the same reservations as maybe you do today.   However they put aside their reservations and  joined our supportive community and improved slowly and steadily week after week.

It always surprises me when I talk to new people who are interested  in starting training with us at CrossFit Portishead and they say “I’ll get fit and then I’ll join” – You really don’t have to do that.  Here’s an idea, why don’t you join and let us help you get fit as really that’s why we are here.  That’s why we provide you with a structured and well planned fitness program and all the coaching and support you need.

You might think “There’s no way I can do that”.  Well why don’t you come and give it a go?  You might surprise yourself.   We  have a 8 session introductory course to demonstrate and teach you the movements that are involved in our training so you don’t need any previous experience.  Most importantly we will scale the workouts and movements to suit you and allow you to train safely.

What I am trying to get at is there are a lot of things associated with CrossFit that help create this view – The words Elite, Athlete and Competitor.  But what is a class like at CrossFit Portishead, is it Elite?  Are there loads of athletes competing with each other?  No not at all.  What we do have is a supportive community of like minded individuals, who support each other and congratulate each other on their achievements.  We have a community that talks to each other and encourages each other to improve session after session.  Were all of these people fit when they started?  Honestly No!  I’m sure they won’t mind me saying this.  But they took the first step, booked onto our introductory course, put their trust in our coaches and haven’t looked back since.

So if this hasn’t changed your mind about improving your health and fitness at CrossFit Portishead, thanks for reading.  But if it has and you want to make a positive change, contact one of our coaches to book an introductory session   or

Specialist Weightlifting Classes coming to CrossFit Portishead in September.

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The classes will be every Tuesday at 8:00pm and then Saturday at 11:00am.  Classes are an hour in duration.  – First Class is on Tuesday 1st September.
Who are the classes aimed at:
The classes will be aimed at all abilities and are open to everyone.
What are the benefits of joining the weighlifting classes:
  • Fun and Enjoyment
  • Learn correct lifting technique in a safe environment
  • See changes in your body composition
  • Improved Strength
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Improve Power
How much are the classes:
Classes are £5 per session
*Unlimited members of CrossFit Portishead can attend classes for free.
If you are interested in attending the classes, please email

What a “Wild” weekend….

This weekend saw the return of the Wild West Crossfit competition at the Three Counties Show ground in Malvern.   140 teams from around the country descended into the peaceful and tranquil surroundings for a two day team competition.  This great event is run and organised by our friends at Reebok CrossFit Glevum

Both CrossFit Poritshead coaches James Grogan and James St Leger were competing in this competition on rival teams.  The weekend consisted of 6 very different events to test all round fitness.  From rowing and down/ups to sled drags and rope climbs.  Not forgetting the dreaded 3RM overhead squat.

One of the main things that stands out in CrossFit is the community spirit and camaraderie between competitors and teams.  This was certainly no different this weekend.  CrossFit Boxes from around the UK competed fiercely but also showed respect and support for their opponents.  Nothing highlighted this more than in the final workout of the first day “True Grit” – A team relay consisting of a 100 meters farmers walk, sled drags and sandbag carry.  The sled drag proved to be the Achilles heal for a lot of teams.  The Crossfit community showed its true colours when one team almost found the sled drag too much.  Instead of leaving the arena and opening their (complimentary!!) cider, every single athlete made their way back to the arena to encourage and support the final team across the finish line.  It never ceases to amaze me that it is always the last team that receives the most support.  This is what makes these events so special and makes you proud to be part of something great.

Both James’s were in teams which were made up of friends from their old CrossFit Boxes, CrossFit Avon and CrossFit 605.  Again this highlights the strength of the CrossFit  community in Bristol.

Massive congratulations to all that took part and thanks to Reebok CrossFit Glevum for a great event.  Bring on next year!!


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