November Introductory Course – Starts Saturday 5th November at 8:00am


Start your fitness journey with CrossFit Portishead this November


So what is the Introductory Course? What can you expect from it? The answer is “a lot actually”.

For all of CrossFit Portishead’s new members, we recommend that you join our introductory course. Why?  It’s the best way for you to understand what we do, become familiar with the movements that we use and it allows you to hit the ground running when you enter our main class program.

The aim of the Introduction course is to give you teach you the Fundamental movements, plus a host of other movements that we use in our main CrossFit Classes.

The cover a number of Fundamental movements throughout the course including: Air Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat, Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Deadlift, Power Clean and Power Snatch

We will also introduce you to: The Kettlebell; Gymnastic work, which will help train your core; Plyometrics, such as box jumps and skipping and Olympic Lifting, where we will cover the Snatch and the Clean + Jerk.

The introductory course is also a great chance for our coaches to get to know you.  We can understand your movements patterns, assess any issues/injuries that you are currently dealing and work with you to give you as much support as you need on your fitness journey with us.

That way, upon completion of the course and by the time you reach the Main Classes, we would like to think you can confidently, safely and efficiently carry out the movements.

The Introductory Course is also an excellent opportunity to make new friends as over the course of the 4 sessions you will all be training together. The sessions take place on Saturday mornings at 8:00am. The cost of the Introductory session is £60

So, what are you waiting for. Start your journey to a new and better you by signing up to our next Introductory course.


We look forward to seeing you at the Box soon.

I’ve finished my workout…..What should I do now?


You’ve been to the gym, had a great workout, but what happens then.  How important is your post workout recovery?  This a questions that we get asked a lot.  CrossFit Portishead Coach;  James St Leger has put together: 5 Tips for Post Workout recovery – Have a read and start implementing.

Lower Heart Rate and Move Blood

After any intense training session your body will be full of toxins, the by product of your hard work.  By increasing circulation and simulating blood flow to your muscles you are very likely to speed up the recovery process and not feel as sore the following day. This should be done after each session, but can also fall in the bracket of an ‘active rest day’ when you take a day off away from the gym. Examples of an active rest day might include a light jog, a gentle cycle, some easy swimming or a kick about on the field with the kids.


The more you exercise without stretching, the tighter your muscles will get. Which will lead to that squat depth and good overhead position

creeping even further away.  It’s usually the 1st thing to go AWOL from a training program, and this is usually because it’s not been planned for. So set aside 20 mins in the evening whilst you’re watching TV/relaxing before you go to bed and address your mobility issues.


Good quality nutrition here is key.  Not only do you want to be fuelled correctly for your workouts, but you also need to replenish your body with a good quantity of carbohydrates and protein.  For post workout, aim for a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio of carbs:protein, depending on the intensity of the session and your personal goals. Nutrient dense foods are great as they are able to provide your body with essential minerals and vitamins needed for optimal recovery and energy production.


Hydrate! All those sweat angles you are leaving behind is a sure sign that you need to take on and replace the lost fluid from the workout. Drinking plenty of water will ensure you are hydrated and will help flush out any toxins. Consider replacing lost electrolytes too – either through an electrolyte drink or a banana, which contains amounts of calcium, potassium and magnesium.


This is where your body repairs itself! So getting good shut eye is key for your recovery. The recommended target to aim for is between 7-9 hours. Stay away from light stimulating technologies about an hour before bed, as these will disrupt your body’s natural shutting down mechanisms.

So there you have it, 5 simple tips which will optimise your training and post workout recovery.

If you’d like any more information on any of the above, be it help with sleep protocols, nutrition or mobility, then why not book yourself in for a Consultation or session with one of our coaches and we’d be happy to give you a lot more detailed information specific to your needs.

To book a consultation e-mail: and we will put you in touch with the best person

Being Fit? What’s it all about?

DCIM101GOPROThat’s it, the last bank holiday of the year before Christmas has been and gone.  The weather on the bank Holiday Monday was beautiful and I was lucky enough to spend some time at the Clifton Observatory and Giants Caves.  I haven’t been there since I was a child, I would highly recommend it if you have some free time.

The Giants Caves was quite an experience, you enter it through the observatory and then walk 61 meters down some precarious stairs to a balcony which gives you stunning views across the Avon Gorge and Bristol.  

Don’t worry this is not a post about my weekend.  You may be wondering where I am going with this and what it has in relation to fitness…

The journey down to the caves, and back up again, got me thinking about and questioning “what does it mean to be fit?” “How do we as individuals define our level of fitness?”

The Oxford dictionary defines fitness as:

“1. The condition of being physically fit and healthy. 

2. The quality of being suitable to fulfil a particular role or task” 

Quite often there is a stigma attached to fitness. I hear the phrases “Wow, they’re so fit”’ or “I wish I was that fit” and “I’m not fit enough to do that!” 

But what does that mean? What are we comparing it to? If a persons goal is to compete at the CrossFit Games, Complete an Ironman or compete in a weightlifting competition then there is going to be a required fitness level. Does that mean as someone who works in an office, on a building site, or as a parent we should be aiming for the same level of ability. Be able to squat 200kg, run a marathon or complete a set of muscle ups…No!

Your level of fitness should be a completely individual thing and based around your own goals. It must be judged on your ability to fulfil a particular role or task. This could be to take your children swimming, to run a local 5KM or even to just be happy, confident and feel great.

In the definition of fitness we saw that it states being fit requires a conditioning of our health. This means we should be working on our mental and physical condition, to the aim of our own needs. 

Being healthy and fit should be about having the ability to be active with your friends, family or Children; being able to make the most of the opportunities that come your way without having to be worried if you can complete them. We should all have the ability to pick something up without pain or breathlessness and even be able to walk 61 metres down a short flight of stairs without having to stop to get your breath.

Quite often I think the bigger picture of health and fitness is forgotten, overlooked or even blurred. There are lots of reasons why people stay fit but I think what should always be remembered is that as an individual you are creating a better and healthier quality of life for you and your loved ones.  

This is something we promote at CrossFit Portihead, YES we have some members who’s goal it is to compete in CrossFit or Weightlifting. But the majority of our members are here to get fitter and to improve the quality of their health and fitness by coming to our classes, having fun and being supported by qualified coaches. Those giants cave stairs are no challenge for us!

If you’d like to see how we can help with your health and fitness. Why not come along and try one of our free taster sessions!

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