FREE Pull Up program and Kipping Workshop – Tuesday 28th June at 8:00pm


Kipping Workshop and get our FREE pull up program 


CrossFit Portishead Coach and Gymnastics Specialist Maddie will be running a kipping workshop on Tuesday 28th June at 8:00pm

If you have attended one of these session before you will know that the coaching and technique work that is covered is invaluable in helping you to develop a more efficient kip.  

We have put together a number of tips + a FREE (That’s right, FREE!!) pull up program which can be downloaded.

Check out these 4 Tips for developing your kipping technique

Tip 1

Don’t run before you can walk.  Focus on building your upper body pulling strength before attempting the more complex gymnastic movements 

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Tip 2

Core, Core, Core!!  Having good control of your core muscles will enable you to move efficiently when kipping – Can you hold a hollow body position both on and off the bar?  Whats a hollow body hold – Check this picture…

Hollow Body Hold

Tip 3

Hips!! – Once you have developed you upper body pulling strength and have great control of your core, its time to focus on driving those hips up and to bar to enable that weightless feeling that you should get with a efficient kip.

Tip 4

Relax – Let the momentum of the kip take you through the movement – Focus on keeping your arms relaxed, not breaking at the hips and maintaining core control.

CrossFit Portishead is running a kipping workshop on Tuesday 28th June starting at 8:00pm.  The workshop is open to absolutely anyone who wants to improve their gymnastic skill work.

The workshop costs £15 and places are limited so if you want to book your place, click the link below:


Good luck with the FREE Pull Up program and we look forward to seeing you at the workshop.