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CrossFit For Beginners: What You Need To Know

You may have heard it from your friends or have chanced upon it from ads, CrossFit’s popularity retains a large following who assert their love for the regimen. Dedicated fans may leave you feeling intimidated, but you don’t need to have superior muscles and athletic capabilities to get started. All you need is the will […]

November Introductory Course – Starts Saturday 5th November at 8:00am

  Start your fitness journey with CrossFit Portishead this November >> CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR PLACE ON NOVEMBER’S INTRODUCTORY COURSE << So what is the Introductory Course? What can you expect from it? The answer is “a lot actually”. For all of CrossFit Portishead’s new members, we recommend that you join our introductory course. Why?  It’s […]

I’ve finished my workout…..What should I do now?

You’ve been to the gym, had a great workout, but what happens then.  How important is your post workout recovery?  This a questions that we get asked a lot.  CrossFit Portishead Coach;  James St Leger has put together: 5 Tips for Post Workout recovery – Have a read and start implementing. Lower Heart Rate and […]

Being Fit? What’s it all about?

That’s it, the last bank holiday of the year before Christmas has been and gone.  The weather on the bank Holiday Monday was beautiful and I was lucky enough to spend some time at the Clifton Observatory and Giants Caves.  I haven’t been there since I was a child, I would highly recommend it if […]

CrossFit Games 16.5 – Luke Webber – My Experience

This week we get to hear from Luke Webber, s specialist in short distance triathlons.  Luke has turned his hand to CrossFit now, is a qualified Lvl 1 Coach, he has been a member of CrossFit Portishead for 1 year now and is competing in his first Open. Here’s what he thought of 16.5 Well, that’s […]

May On-Ramp Course – Sign up now

CrossFit is full of abbreviations and acronyms.  One of them that you are likely to have heard of is On-Ramp. So what is the On-Ramp?  What can you expect from it? The aim of the On-Ramp (Introduction) course is to give you an exposure and teach you the Fundamental movements, plus a host of other movements […]

CrossFit Games 16.4 – James Rodda – My Experience

This week we get to hear from the man who provides the arms for CrossFit Portishead – James Rodda.  James has been a member of CrossFit Portishead for 1 year now and is competing in his first Open.  Here’s what he thought of 16.4 Five seconds! Come on, one more!” My judge for the past 13 minutes […]

April Weightlifting Course and Coaching Update

  Whilst our members are hard at work bettering themselves, improving their skills, movement patterns, strength and aerobic capacity, our coaches are also at work developing and honing their coaching skills. These improvements have a direct effect on the standard and quality of the coaching we are able to offer, and we are excited to […]