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In 2015 I wanted to find a physical challenge that would push me, fit into my life, give me the team and competitive buzz that I’ve missed for years. Great variety of training that keeps the body guessing. Recommend you give it a try.

Sam Ewing CrossFit Portishead Member

Crossfit Portishead is an exceptional place to train and is the best equipped box I’ve train at.  The coaching staff are passionate and their attention to detail and knowledge is second to none.  The scheduling of the individual training elements to ensure progression and development are very well thought-out and managed.  I’d highly recommend paying the team at Crossfit Portishead a visit and getting involved with a great Crossfit community.

Scott BarnesCrossFit Porishead Member

The improvements and gains in my fitness that I have made since joining Crossfit Portishead have been incredible! Not only has my strength and ability measurably doubled, I’ve also learnt new techniques and finessed those that I had.

Crossfit Portishead should come with a warning if you are considering joining… *highly addictive*!

Karen GoodbrandCrossFit Portishead - Member

I started at Crossfit Portishead in early 2015 after playing a number of different sports throughout my teens and twenties. My first impressions were that it was either incredibly tough or I was not as physically fit as I thought I was – it turns out it was the latter! My fitness has improved no end within a 6 month period, I’m leaner than I was, stronger than I was and have loads more energy in my day to day life.

What I love about Crossfit Portishead is that the coaches always have time to advise and support you, and we have a fantastic community of local people all going through the same program and seeing fantastic results – as well as a great social element which always proves to be great fun.

It is one of the most personally satisfying and challenging activities I have ever undertaken and I can safely say that I will never stop doing Crossfit now, it’s made me feel fitter at 30 than I felt at 20

Matthew StedmanCrossFit Portishead Member
“I always put off going to the gym as I never felt comfortable working out with so many people around. I decided to give Crossfit a go and it’s totally changed my mind about working out. It’s like one big family and I absolutely love it- something I never thought I would say! People are great to work with and my fitness levels are the best they have ever been!”
Robyn ReedCrossFit Portishead Member
I’ve been a member of several CrossFit boxes in the bristol area and CrossFit Portishead is the best by far! There’s a really friendly vibe at the box. There are no egos and everyone just has fun improving. I’ve made a number of friends since starting and look forward to meeting more people. The facilities are the best i’ve trained in with plenty of kit to go round. The coaches are second to none and they’ve really helped me improve over the last 6 months. I’d recommend anyone of any fitness ability to come and meet us, but be warned, you’ll get hooked!

For those of you who are unsure about CrossFit, I was unsure too! I came from a gym training background and the concept of CrossFit baffled me. I went along to a taster session and instantly wished i’d found this form of training 15 years ago! Yes, there’s a ton of movements to learn, the workouts will be hard and there will be times when you expect more from yourself but that’s what keeps you coming back. You develop a mentality where you want to improve and push yourself just to see how far you can go…believe me, you WILL surprise yourself!
CrossFit is not for the elite few, it’s for anyone who wants to become elite!
Alex BowmanCrossFit Portishead Member

I stumbled across Crossfit in Feb 2014 after losing interest in my local gym, the classes were always the same, the challenge had gone and boredom had set in.  This is what set Crossfit apart from anything else I had ever tried.  The constantly changing workouts and the healthy fear of not knowing what my workout would be until I arrived at the class had me instantly hooked.

Everyone is competitive in their own way and working out with people who were 100 times fitter and stronger than me just fuelled my desire further.  I wanted to be able to do what they all could. Getting my first pull up with no assistance was definitely a very proud moment.
Then there is the other side to Crossfit, the community and the friendships that I have gained.  On a personal note, 2014 was a very difficult time for me and I am grateful to the support I received from my Crossfit family.
Fast forward 16 months later, 8kg in weight lost and I have competed in my very first Crossfit competition and while it was tough and scary, I did actually love it.
Michelle ClarkeCrossFit Portishead Member

After almost a year of not really doing much exercise or committing to any sort of fitness regime, my confidence and motivation to to get back into the gym were both at an all time low. I was moderately fit before, but I knew how long it had taken to build my fitness up to that level and the thought of having to do it all over again filled me with dread.

I have always found just ‘going to the gym’ boring – I never really know what to do and I’m never sure if what I am doing is right. I knew this time I had to do something different…

I had heard people talk about CrossFit but never truly understood what it entailed. I’ve since learned that everything I thought I knew was totally wrong…. I always thought it was for the super fit, it was heavily male orientated and that you had to be uber competitive and want to compete to take part.  I soon learned otherwise…

A short time after CrossFit Portishead opened, I started to see posts on Facebook about the first ‘on ramp’ course and the different results people were getting. It looked fab, but I was still a little intimidated by all the (incorrect) thoughts I had in my head.

Then one afternoon I bumped into James Grogan who runs CrossFit Portishead and he started to allay my fears. I explained how unfit I was and that I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up, but James explained that this could actually be a positive thing as I would potentially see results quicker than the others.

30 minutes later I was signed up to the next ‘on ramp’ course… and I’ve never looked back!

The first month was spent focussing on technique and learning all the elements of CrossFit, many of which I had never attempted before which made it interesting and exciting….. And then I had the CrossFit bug.  It’s completely addictive and every session is different.

The members are friendly, welcoming and supportive and James Grogan is absolutely fantastic. He coaches, pushes and inspires you to do the best you can at each and every session.

Within the first month, I noticed a change in my body shape and strength. I’ve never seen such quick results by doing any other form of exercise.

I now have a love for Olympic Lifting, which is something I never thought I would say in my lifetime!!

I can’t recommend CrossFit Portishead highly enough. It has completely changed the way I think about exercise and has helped me become a much fitter and stronger person.

Sign up for the next ‘on ramp’ course now – you won’t regret it 🙂

Sophie SimmondsCrossFit Portishead

Having allowed my work to replace being a Rugby and gym addict, I needed something that would motivate me, push me and get me back training again… Most people would say Crossfit wouldn’t be their first choice but I found all the support and motivation I needed to replace the laptop with burpees at Crossfit Portishead!! The coaches are awesome, the session are challenging and varied but most of all everyone is so friendly (decent banter too)!!

Gary DentonCrossFit Portishead Member