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Maddie Fry

Maddie Fry

Senior Coach

From a young age Maddie competed in high level gymnastics and after an injury caused her to stop, she moved into coaching.

Whilst looking for a new challenge Maddie came across CrossFit. She soon joined CrossFit Portishead and never looked back. Soon after joining Maddie became qualified as a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer and began coaching along side James.

Maddie soon found she also had a love for competing and subsequently coaching weightlifting and qualified as a BWLA level 2 coach.

Maddie is fun and enthusiastic and is constantly researching new ways to help keep your training fun and interesting.


CrossFit Level 1
BWLA level 1&2
Women’s Artistic Gymnastics level 2
Category 1 Women’s Artistic Regional judge